Hospitality Industry
Club of Japan

The Hospitality Industry Club of Japan aims to drastically renovate the existing Japanese tourism industry by giving back the power to the large majority of small and medium inbound travel companies. Travel agencies, hotels, activity suppliers, transportation companies and guides are all key elements of one’s perfect trip to Japan and are welcome to join us.


Main Missions |

Main Missions

1 - Connect


Connect inbound hospitality actors in Japan

The hospitality industry is a wide sector where all actors have great assets to offer. By connecting its Members, the HICJ aims to create opportunities for new collaborations, mutual referrals, and set new standards for our industry.

2 - Improve


Improve visibility of local actors of the hospitality industry

The existing travel association scene in Japan is dominated by Japan’s leading agencies giving little room for local actors to shine. The HICJ aims to support its Members in various ways: creating a ryokan label, offering a website relooking package, sharing participation at international events and much more.
The HICJ Members will be able to craft their membership based on their specific needs.

3 - Answer


Answer the need of a bilingual group of like-minded industry players

It is no secret that the hospitality industry in Japan is lacking of bilingual services.
The HICJ aims to become the leading Club for like-minded industry players with the same level of shared information and quality of services offered, whether Members speak Japanese or not.